Welcome to T Tool

Welcome to the T Tool Community! We are thrilled you decided to get a T Tool to help with your bodywork.

Here is a short video we made to welcome you:


T Tool was created out of a need: a need for a soft tissue treatment tool that can be used for multiple techniques, in a way that helps you save your hands.

When your profession is bodywork, the more tools you have the better. And the better you get at using those tools, EVEN better.

To help with this, we created the Learn Page on our site to teach you the basics of using your T Tool.

But the T Tool Community is also quickly growing, and thousands of bodyworkers all around the world are using it daily in their practices.

Every therapist, like you, has a unique background, and uses T Tool in their own unique way.

This is a huge opportunity to learn from each other, which is why we regularly post videos to our Instagram and Facebook pages from T Tool owners, showing how they are using it in their practices.

Make sure to follow us on those social networks, if you don't already, so you always get fresh ideas, stay updated, and get news from us.

Thanks again for your purchase and welcome to the T Tool Community!

- Ryan DeBell, MS, DC
T Tool Founder