Customer Showcase: 5 Unique Applications of T Tool

One of the cool things about T Tool is the community of people who use it, with a variety of different backgrounds. 

We love seeing how different therapists with different educational and experiential backgrounds use T Tool in their practice. 

Here are a handful of videos of how some of our customers are using it:

Kevin Mefford, LMT

Kevin Mefford, LMT, out of Citrus Heights, CA, demonstrates a technique he uses for T Tool where he uses the blunt edge to perform ischemic compression in the lateral hip with his patient lying prone. 

You can see the way he holds T Tool by the puck-shaped side as a handle during this treatment to leverage the tool’s shape and decrease the stress on his hands.

Tashko Trajkovski, PT

Tashko Trajkovski, a physiotherapist out of North Macedonia, demonstrates in this video how he uses the Narrow Bevel of T Tool to treat the upper trapezius and levator scapula.


Steven Bird, DC

Dr. Bird, out of West Jordan, UT, shows in this video clip how he uses T Tool when treating the anterior knee, in both static and dynamic ways.


David Kaseman, DC

Dr. Kaseman, out of Bronx, NY, shows in this video how he keeps a T Tool in the freezer when he wants to use it to simultaneously apply cold. Because T Tool has a large mass of metal, it can hold cold (and warm) temperatures.

In this case, Dr. Kaseman is using a ‘Frozen T Tool’ while working on a patient’s elbow tendonitis. 



Nikola  Čolović

Nikola Čolović, a physiotherapist out of Belgrade, Serbia, shows in this video some ways he integrates T Tool into his soft tissue flow.


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