Rubber Eraser Grip & Saving your thumbs on the glutes

In this blog posts are 2 short video clips from the T Tool Community, demonstrating useful ways of using T Tool.

Rubber Eraser Grip

The first is from Marcus Rodriguez, LMT, (on IG @jiujitsumassage). In this video, he uses T Tool with what he calls the 'Rubber Eraser Grip', which you may find as a comfortable way of holding T Tool when treating with the narrow bevel: 


Save your Thumbs on the Glutes
The second video from the T Tool Community this week comes from Kevin Mefford, CMT. 

Kevin demonstrates a technique he uses for saving his thumbs when treating the glutes.

You can see how he holds T Tool to gain leverage and functionally replace his thumbs when working in this area. 

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