About Us - T Tool



T Tool started out of a desire for the existence of a manual therapy tool not tied to a technique or dogma.

We wanted a tool that could replace a thousand dollar set of stainless steel tools.

One that could do more than just scraping. One that could be used for:

  • Ischemic compression
  • Pin & stretch
  • Scraping
  • and pretty much any other soft tissue technique you can perform with your hand or elbows.

After a dozen rounds of prototyping and several years dedicated to creation, T Tool was born.

We tested different shapes, angles, materials, metal finishes, and ergonomic features.

Our dream became a reality in April 2019 with the official launch of T Tool.

Thank you for considering purchasing a T Tool. 

Please contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help!

– Ryan DeBell, DC, MS


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